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, May 14, 2020 WIB

[NEWS] Usefulness Of Cucumber


Amazing benefits of consuming cucumber, we make a short list of the important ways consuming cucumber will give to your body system, be meticulous:

1. Hydration
You can supplement your body hydration with 8 glasses of water per day to infused with cucumber.

2. Fight diabetes
It stimulate the pancreas to reduce insulin. This is good for those  who are fighting with diabetes. Please include this veggie in your diet.
3. Promote kidney  health
This veggie reduce the level of uric acid and it helpful for decreasing the work of kidneys, you are basically giving them a small rest.
4. Reduce Cholesterol and eliminate toxins.
Since cucumber is consist with water it can help your organism by washing itself off, while removing all the toxins.
5. Rich of mineral and vitamins.
Cucumber are rich in sillicum, potassium, magnesium and vitamins such as A,B,C.
6. Refreshes your mouth and promote weight loss.
The large mouth of liquid refreshes your gums and mouth, also promote weight.
7. Stabilize the pressure fight against cancer.
Those who are having difficulties with high blood pressure, cucumber help with lowering the pressure and stabilizing it. It reduce the level of cancer.

8. It improve digestion and metabolism.
   This veggie is excellent for processing the food quicker in your intestine, also help to help to speed up your metabolism.

9. Soften your hair and protect your nails.
  The mouth of silica in the cucumber gives you a strong nails and shiny, soft hair.

10. Revives muscle and joint pain.
  Cucumber has a large amount of vitamin and mineral which help in reducing the muscle and joint pain.