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[INTERVIEW] The Anecdote Of Nm Empire Entertainment

In today's interview with the CEO of NM Empire Entertainment.


First of all let me start from Nm empire, the full meaning of Nm empire is, nice music empire, we put in andante in any production that we are giving out to the society, making it a mine blowing piece of jam in such a way that if anyone play our product will have the urge to play it continuously.

Is Nm empire sign?

Know, Nm empire is not sign we are running a personal management team, but I tell you, without management we are going  viral, we have organize event severally, first 2013 25 August, we organize Ejagham artist night, Mswizz and the grand masters 29 DEC 2016, Costly and Swizz comedy show DEC 30 2017 all with out management and it all went well.

So are u saying you don't need management:

That's not what I meant, remember in any organization there is a manager. We need a manager with a 95%/connections that will help take the crew to the next level.

How many person make up Nm empire?
Three (3) outstanding artists.
Ablaze singer/ producer right now base in Lagos, Browney songwriter/singer, Mswizz songwriter/singer also social media influencer.

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