Meet Nelson Ofonmbuk Okon, popularly known by stage name as "Dela Naija".

He's from Akwa Ibom state, residing in Uyo. He's a graduate from University of Uyo and has been in the music industry for 2 years making nationwide standard musics and his number of years in the industry has taken him to a higher level. 

He is also known as the optimum when it comes to music. According to a brief online interview we have with him, he has let us know that His favorite genre of music is Dancehall Redeems.

He has many tracks out on Google. 

But current trending track is THE BAG, featuring Investor Dj, Richdaddy.

NAME : Nelson Ofonmbuk Okon 

L.G.A : Abak 

MOTHER: Grace Ofonmbuk Okon

FATHER: Ofonmbuk Okon Akpan 

SIBLINGS: Nneka Ofonmbuk Okon and Wisdom Ofonmbuk Okon 

GENRE: Dancehall 


OTHER PROFESSION : Music producer


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