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, November 27, 2022 WIB
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[Photos + Video] Ejik Oban Cultural Festival 2022



Ejik Oban cultural festival live at Ndidem Palace Big Qua.

Ejik Oban is an association of Oban indigenes across the globe, who's objective is to foster growth, peace, unity as well as progress with in the community.

The movement started with as a brain child of Ntufam Barr. Joe Edet on the 28th of December,2008 at the Oban congress day. Ever since then the Ejik Oban has been known for promoting brotherly love, capacity and as well as potentials towards it's members, it has also in a long way projected the Ejahgam culture through it's social activities.

Membership of these Association is open to all Oban sons and daughters, as well as non- indigenes who are willing to project grow and Development of Oban. 

The Achievement of Ejik Oban is one thing that has influenced many has been a voice for the Oban people, fostered development in the Oban community, Physical infrastructural development. It has in special way fostered cultural growth show casing the rich culture of the Ejahgam people. This was in full display in the just concluded Ofu Oban.

As well as grow the love and promoting love for culture in the younger generation. It has also gain grounds in the politics of today and it has also gain recognition for it social-economical activities among other groups.

In a nutshell Ejik Oban is here to stay as our tomorrow counts on today.

Long live Ejik Oban Development Association.

Long live Oban Community.

Long live Akamkpa LGA

Long live Ejahgam culture

Written by Melanin and edited by bazejamtune promotion.