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, May 03, 2022 WIB
Emmanuel Aondoaseer ZakaThe Dark Diary

Emmanuel Aondoaseer Zaka Talks About a Phenomenon, Violence on Girls / Women & More in ' The Dark Diary ' project


   The Dark Diary is a book made for the unapologetic, confident and endowed woman. To energize, spotlight the violence faced by women or girls and uplift female creators — artists, producers, engineers, songwriters, and future leaders. What’s the fun in feeling women deserve less and should go through agony ? After reading The Dark Diary, you’ll quickly realize the world would be faded without the fierceness of our wonderful women. Written by Assistant Sec-General at UNIJOS SUG  and  Nigeria's own, Emmanuel Aondoaseer Zaka - the prolific writer makes an impact, and proofs the phenomenon false, women deserve more and even better.

  Emmanuel Aondoaseer Zaka is a star with a right attitude and has represented a heartful raging wave in most parts of the country since his breakthrough, '' A Journey with Samuel Zaka '' back in 2018. Born and raised in Benue State - Makurdi to the family of Late Mr. and Mrs Samuel Zaka, the prolific writer won the Benue state's poet and writer award of the year for secondary school graduands of 2017. This year, with a heavy heart towards the cruel advances made against the female gender he finds it necessary to clear up the situation in his book titled ; The Dark Diary . 

 According to him, a girl child / women are special gifts that should be celebrated and not a problem to be solved and discarded. Women need support and encouragement from men, they need to be defended and acknowledged for their doggedness ! It is a fictional and applaudable piece of literature that we all should support and embrace at once. Join us on Thursday, 19th, May, 2022 at Eagle Suites for the book presentation and be sure to follow / share your experiences so you will never miss the opportunity of been part of this project and even during purchase.

Name : Emmanuel Aondoaseer Zaka
Facebook : Emmanuel Zaka
Contact : 08153417501

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