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, June 02, 2021 WIB
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[CELEBRITY GIST] BBO2 New Plans To Empower Nigerian Musicians


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US Nigeria based musician, Adesotu Wogherien, AKA BBO2 has made his intentions know to everyone about his new development to help Nigeria musician which he called "Intellectual Property is a way out of youth unemployment in Nigeria, describing the afrobeat genre of music as a billion dollars industry waiting to be captured by youths in Nigeria.

He further stated this in Benin city, while briefing journalist on his new record label called "Big Man Music" (BMM) which he said would be used in empowering the upcoming artist in Nigeria.

Wogherien said, when a president is elected in Nigeria he goes after crude oil money and other allocations that generate money. But today, Intellectual Property is a big wealth, you can write a song and make more money from it and your generation.

BBO2 got inspired to go into singing in Edo language while on his flight to Nigeria the was diverted, he said he arrives Ghana a pastor, who prayed for him and commissioned him to go to Nigeria and sing a gosple song in his language.

Afrobeat music is an industry worth billions of dollars, that is waiting to be tapped, and who is going to tap it, it is our youth in Edo state as a whole back then, wealth was measured by numbers of wives and children, but now adays intellectual property is a big wealth.

 Our music talent hunts, we are going to start from Edo state before we enter other states. I am here to put up a structure that will be profitable to all Nigerian music artist.

Finally Wogherien confirmed his promise that any artist sign to serve Big Man Music (bmm) label will be paid their dues.