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, May 24, 2021 WIB

[NEWS] Hope Uzodinma Disclosed That 70 Percent Of Violence In The State Are Not Cause By Indegine


Hope Uzodinma, Governor of imo state

 In today Statement,  Imo State Governor His Excellency Hope Uzodinma made it opened that over 70 Percent of crime in Imo State are not cause by Igbos.

His Excellency disclosed this in a statement released his chief press secretary Oguwike Nwachuku, he also said that over 400 proplp who caused mayhem in the state have been arrested and the will face the law for their crime.

Governor Uzodinma warned those planning to carry out more crime attack in the state by stating that "the government cannot surrender to blackmailer, perpetrators, nicumple and hoodlums of violence.

Saying over 400 of those who involve in carrying out treats in the state in the past have been arrested.

The good thing is that over 70 Percent Of them are not Igbo, we will crush anybody that attempt to cause curse, mayhem's or attack Igbo people again.

We cannot surrender to blackmailers, hoodlums and perpetrators, promising people the people of Igbo to be afraid no more.