, July 31, 2020 WIB
InterviewYung Shal gro

[INTERVIEW] The Anecdote Of Yung Shal Gro

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1.Welcome to bazejamtune online promotion Yung Shal Gro:

REPLY: Thank you

2, how do you feel online with us today?.

REPLY: I feel excited, coz am meeting u for the first time, and my mind is telling me that meeting you today will yield positive outcome.

3. But wait is your real name yung shal gro?.

REPLY: My real name is *Ita Gideon Jonah* , *Yung Shal Gro* is my brand name

4, ok tell us, how come about this name Yung shal gro?.

REPLY: It was a special name given to me by my grandmother.... The name is more like a motivation to me each time I embark on a project..

5, you where new discovering last year, so how do you feel when you head your name was nominated?.


I felt very happy that day coz I couldn't believe dat a single-handed, young artiste of my kind would be nominated awarded with these award...

The award was a plus to me in the industry, because I was OFFICIALLY recognized and brought to the family

The award motivated me to put more effort into my career as much is expected from me...

The award made my friends, families and supporters proud of me...

6, your song believe was causing traffic everywhere on social media, how come about the inspiration?

REPLY: It was given to me by God, dats y the output was perfect, the response from the masses was positive...

While I was writing *believe* I didn't know dat it will come out good because It was my first project but all glory to God that he didn't fail me....

7, this project is powered by Calabar bloggers and the office of the SA to the state Government on entertainment, effiom thrombone, what do you have to say about it?
REPLY: This is the first time in my career am seeing dis happening to me, am so overwhelmed with joy and also feeling loved 😍

I want to specially thank the SA to the governor on entertainment Mr. Effiom trombone for having me in mind and also using me to start dis project. God bless him for me and Cross River State entertainment industry..

I want to massively thank all *CROSS RIVER STATE BLOGGERS* for this kind love wey una show me.... I really appreciate God bless you all abundantly....

8, what do you have to say about bazejamtune promotion?

REPLY: Bazejamtune promotion *for life*👍💟

God bless you for accepting to promote me

I also have u in mind
I won't forget dis love in a hurry

God bless you and ur brand 🙏🏿
Thanks 👍🏿